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Child and Adolescent Testing and Assessment

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Child and Adolescent Testing and Assessment in Nashville, Tennessee

These may signs that indicate your child or adolescent may have an academic or psychological problem.

These may be signs that your child is gifted.

Psychological and psychoeducational testing can be extremely useful when there is a lack of understanding regarding the reasons and causes of various emotional, psychological, learning, or behavioral issues of a child or adolescent.

Psychological testing helps to identify behavioral concerns, such as:

Educational testing also can identify if your child is gifted

Both psychological testing and psychoeducational testing can help determine an accurate diagnosis by providing data that cannot be obtained by simply talking to or spending time with a child. By using standardized measures, I can obtain unique information about your child’s cognitive profile, academic skills, and executive functioning abilities (e.g. attention, organization, and behavioral control) in order to clarify which types of school-based accommodations and other services would be most beneficial. Recommendations may include psychotherapy and modifications or accommodations in school, possibly as part of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan. Examples are more time to complete tests and schoolwork, separate room testing location, etc.

For a gifted child, psychoeducational testing can help parents in educational planning, help determine whether a child may benefit from some form of acceleration, offer insight into a child’s behavior and learning characteristics, and help determine eligibility for special school programs for gifted students. Testing also identifies the social and emotional issues that can affect your child’s development.

Preparing Your Child or Adolescent for Testing

Preparing your child for testing can reduce anxiety and encourage cooperation through the upcoming battery of tests. One practice is to begin talking about the testing several days in advance. Reassure your child or adolescent that the reason for testing is to understand his/her strengths and the areas in which help is needed. Explain the tests will contain a variety of questions, puzzles, drawings, stories and games. Emphasize that the tests are a lot of fun. Most importantly, explain the evaluation will show adults how best to help.

Testing Process:

Step 1: Consists of a 75-minute informational interview with the parents of the child being tested.

Step 2: Gathers information from interviews, school educational or testing reports, and medical history, as well as information from other mental health professionals who may have provided therapy to the child or teenager. If appropriate, I may attend IEP/504 support team meetings and observe the child in the classroom.

Step 3: Is the testing phase. Testing can be stressful to a child or adolescent, and I want to make the process as comfortable as possible. Therefore, I do not rush the testing process. It is usually done over two days, so the child will be fresh and able to put in his best effort. Sometimes I add an additional day if necessary.

Step 4: Is the feedback process. Typically, this is a 60-minute meeting with the parents. The child can also choose to come to this appointment.

I will also be happy to consult via phone regarding your situation and suggest the most appropriate assessment, tailored to fit your child.

When selecting testing services for your child, be sure to ask if all psychological and psychoeducational testing will be completed by a licensed, doctoral-level psychologist.  I have specialized in testing for over 15  years and personally complete all assessments.  This allows me to provide more personal service to you and your child, and assures you that a clinician with extensive experience in testing manages all parts of the evaluation.  

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