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Adult Testing and Assessment

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Adult Testing and Assessment in Nashville, Tennessee

Are you facing difficulties learning and taking tests in college? Do you have difficulties in carrying out tasks at work? Are you anxious, depressed or having problems paying attention? Do you suspect you might have a learning disability and/or ADHD? Do you require an updated psychoeducational test performed to get the accommodations you need?

If you are an adult and know or suspect that you have a learning disability (LD), ADHD, ADD or Asperger’s Syndrome, psychoeducational testing and assessment can assure that you obtain the correct accommodations to help you in college and in the workplace. 

Colleges generally require a recent assessment, copies of your Section 504 or Individualized Education plan (IEP) and accommodations requested.  For a student, accommodations can include priority registration, exam modifications (i.e. extended time on tests, readers, scribes, proctors), testing in a room with limited distractions, interpreters, and textbooks in an alternative format.  

For adults in the workplace, accommodations can include workspace and equipment needed to do the task, communication of the work, the tasks themselves, and the time and place that the work is done.

I perform adult psychoeducational testing and assessment in the Nashville, Tennessee area to determine an individual’s areas of strength and challenges to determine whether a learning disability is present.

Adult Testing and Assessment Includes:

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